Signage is the usage or design of visual signs and symbols to convey a message to an audience. A clear understanding of the purpose behind signs is very important before designing any signage. Signage not only refers to individual signs but also to the combination of signs. The word signage has been documented from the past to have been widely popularized in the mid-1975 to the mid-1990’s. There has been a significant change in the type of signage used today.

Most of the signage that is in place for public notice today are made using digital signage. The advent of this technology paved the way for a more enhanced form of signage that would be effective and efficient in conveying information and making it visible to a large number of people at one glance. Digital signage has an advantage of being easily readable even in bright sunlight and are available in various sizes, colors, and designs. These digital signs can be designed in such a manner that they are eye-catching and effective when placed in front of potential clients.

The ability of signage to draw attention to a brand is determined by the colors and designs that are chosen. Generally, colors that are eye-catching and appealing draw the interest of many individuals to make use of them. Also, the signage that clearly reflects the brand values and image makes it more effective in promoting the brand. Usually, the signage that is professionally designed and creatively put together creates an impression that the company putting it up is of high quality and is capable of giving whatever it promises. It also draws more attention because it stands out from other signage and therefore, draws the attention of the potential clients and customers towards the brand.

Signage as a way-finding mechanism: signage helps the public to locate the main headquarters of a business or any establishment with ease. Businesses usually prefer to have an easily recognizable sign for easy and quick way-of-finding. This simple and fast way-finding mechanism allows people to identify the main office or manufacturing complex without having to go too far. Also, it is cost-effective. Most companies try their best to keep their branding and identity as high as it can be so it is only right that they take every advantage they can to maximize it.

As far as the external branding is concerned, there are various types of signage that are available today at different sign company. There are signages that are used for business card purposes, the names suggest, brand names and logos. Name suggests are the easiest to use and understand as well. Usually, you can use this signage to put your name as well as the logo on your business cards.

Business sidewalk signs are usually found near shopping malls and department stores. This signage is the most effective way to tell your customers what your business is all about. Moreover, it gives them an idea of the products you offer. These signs are also easy to maintain and should be regularly cleaned to make sure that you maintain a clean, tidy look at all times.